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 Welcome to the
Mercer County, PA
Recorder of Deeds
Public Records Search

ATTENTION: Effective 5-1-2019, RTT rate for all taxable documents in the Borough of Sheakleyville will be 2% (1% local and 1% state) per Borough of Sheakleyville Ordinance #19-1 adopted 2-21-2019.





Recently, Governor Tom Wolf signed into law Acts 40 and 44 of 2017 resulting in fee increases totaling $4.75 to supplement the Judicial Computer Project/Access to Justice/Criminal Justice Enhancement Account fee by amending 42 Pa.C.S. 3733.1 and enacting 72 P.S. 1795.1-E.


This legislation instructs Recorders of Deeds to collect this increased fee on all recordings for which the fee is currently charged.

Effective November 30, 2017 @ 4:30 pm, documents with a filing fee of $54.00 will increase to $58.75 and documents with a filing fee of $65.50 will increase to $70.25.


Any documents presented for recording after said time and without the correct fee will be rejected.  Please know that all revenue collected by this fee increase will go directly to the state. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the Recorders Office.


















Our goal is to give you access to the information regarding land records right at your office as quickly and economically as possible.   We added images of our documents back to 1972 as well as historical online indexes for deeds dating from 1803-1919 and agreements from 1803-1972.  For security reasons all instruments have gone through a redaction process (social security numbers blocked out).   


You can either set up a new subscription or sign in as a guest user.  As a guest user, you can only view the Index—no images.

However, before you begin, please READ the SITE REQUIREMENTS TO THE LEFT.  These requirements will ensure the site functions properly and delivers the intended usage experience.

The following are the access fees.  You will need to have a paid subscription to access the images.

Available Subscriptions: 
      Guest User -  Access to Index - Images CANNOT be viewed                                Free
       For the casual user  -- 1-Day Subscription w/Image viewing                                    $5.00/day 
       1 Year Unlimited Access to Index and Image viewing                                               $400.00 
       6 Month Unlimited Access to Index and Image viewing                                            $225.00 
       30 Day Unlimited Access to Index and Image Viewing                                              $40.00       
NOTE:  Copies of documents can be purchased for $.25/page











  NOTE:  Official copies are available only from the Recorder's Office.



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Available Indexes:









Releases, Satisfactions

Finance Statements

Powers of Attorney

Oil and Gas Leases
Subdivisions/Land Development Plans     



1803 (Agreements)


Images of Mortgages

From 1972

Images of Deeds from Book 19 





Images from 2007
Oldest plan books are also being scanned/imaged.  Please check the website for availability.

















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